Welcome to the ILKA Family Blog

Welcome to the ILKA Family blog! 

Each week we will be giving you the run down of what has been happening in our cosy store. 

Business world: 

This week in store we had our new signage put up in the store, so new and current clients can find us! Along with this excitement we have just placed a new WA brand on to our online store. The brand is called ELIA Balms + Blends, Jane and Mia the duo behind ELIA, hand create natural deodorants and skincare for people looking for an alternative option with cares about sustainability, ethical make and self care. 

Go check them out here ... 

Personal world:

Our Erin has jet set off to Bali for a few well deserved days with her family and friends. She will be surfing, eating and enjoying a Bintang or two, Bravo! 

Erin and I aren't use to being able to take time off, but this year we decided to make a promise to ourselves to take regular holidays to reconnect and recharge. 

We love what we do, but it can really take it out of you when you are switched on 24/7 so remember to not feel guilty for sleeping in that little bit longer, eating something delicious, or indulging once now and again, you deserve it.  

On that note, stay tuned for more gossip and fun times. 

All our love,

The ILKA girls x