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Welcome to Marina Saker Jewellery!

Hand created jewellery, made in Western Australia. Using Sterling silver, 9kt gold and semi precious gemstones, all Marina's designs are effortless, accessible and beautiful. 

Marina grew up in Cyprus where her love of design began. "My love of jewellery first started as a teenager in Cyprus" she says, " Where I made jewellery from Clay and beads, selling my designs to a local craft store for pocket money." 

Marina's journey took her through many careers as well as areas, travelling from Cyprus to Paris and finishing off in Perth, Western Australia, where she lives and creates. In 2017, Marina took the jump and started her own jewellery line and hasn't looked back! 

Not only is Marina's jewellery elegant, modern and wearable, sustainable practices and ethically made pieces are at the forefront of Marina's mind, with each piece being lovingly hand made 1 at a time, by her inside her beautiful Heathcote studio space. 

We love Marina Saker, and we know you will too!


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