Our Story

Welcome to The ILKA Family Store !

We are a bricks and mortar store housing the best independent WA and Australian brands. 

- Fashion - in-house brand ILKA, Wildhorses The Label, Hickey Hardware, Kristin Magrit, Vikki Trims, Jonte Designs and Monster Alphabets
- Jewellery and accessories - Marina Saker, BIANKO, Ametrine, Rochessa, Byhelo, Penny Drops, While Hugo Sleeps and Pickled Cactus Designs.
- Skincare and homewares - Clean Slate Skincare, Ruby Lights and The Second Salon
- Art, cards and stationery - Braw Paper Co., Jo Meredith and Joy of Colour.

What are we all about?

Our store is based around community, support and sustainability. With all our designers having a BIG focus on create all their products through ethical trade be it them making each piece by hand, supporting a local manufacturing in WA, hand selecting natural fibres or working with sustainable practices off shore. All our brands have the same thing in common, by offering unique and small batch products for everyone to enjoy. 

Owners Erin Taylor and Kate Wilks, creators of ILKA and the ILKA Family store, are big believers in supporting local artists. With their space being filled to the brim with local labels in the effort to providing a platform for local Perth brands to be able to market, sell and showcase their products.

When you purchase from the ILKA Family Store, you are not just buy something, you are investing into the artists behind the product, giving them the opportunity to continue to grow and create beautiful pieces. 

What to do next?

We suggest you go and grab yourself a cuppa, and enjoy exploring through the talented designers we have on offer. Our online store has everything we have on offer in our store. If you are a first time shopper click here to join our mailing list and receive 10% off your first order! CLICK HERE

Alterations Service
We offer an in house alterations service, available on in store purchases and even your existing clothing. Lets work together to reduce, reuse and repair.

STORE IS NOW CLOSED - email for any enquiries.

E. hello@weareilka.com.au

P. (08) 9443 8119