Kangaroo Paws Mini Card

Kangaroo Paws Mini Card

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Kangaroo Paws are truly one ofAustralia's most iconic plants; the flower features as the floral emblem of West Australia & has even appeared on a number of stamp issues.Kangaroo Paws originate from the south west of Western Australia. The vibrant flower colours & unusual paw-like flower head (that gives them their name) have made Kangaroo Paws immensely popular garden plants across Australia & around the world.


Hand Painted layers & mark making, along with additional photographs of textures & surfaces we find within our environment, such as rusted metals, stone walls, paper, sand & fabric, are layered to create our colourful & unique digital collages.

Printed onto 100% recycled paper stock, using vegetable-based inks. Includes 8 x 100% recycled kraft envelopes.

Each card measures 9.5cm square when folded.

Envelopes measure 10.5cm x 10.5cm.